The company

The plantation consists of 10 hectares of high density cherry plants, equipped with a “drapo” support system.


Irrigation is done by dripping with equipment imported from Israel. This results in a better use of water resources.

Frost control is done with sprinklers.


The fruit is harvested by hand, using ladders, carefully avoiding damage to the plants, which could later affect the quality of the fruit.

The cherries are then placed in 5 kg harvest cages, which go through a process of pre-cooling in water at 2 degrees Celsius to cut the maturation process and increase its shelf life.

The packing plant is located on the property, where the fruit is selected by hand. Then the fruit is placed in boxes. The size of the box is chosen by the costumer.

Then, boxes are stored at zero degrees Celsius in our cold chamber to prepare them for delivery.

The cherries are presented in plastic bags inside cardboard boxes of 5 kg, 2,5 kg and 500 grams.

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